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Defending The ‘Fourth Front’

A year and a half ago his appointment as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations made headlines around the world. This week Danny Danon sat down with The Jewish Press to talk about his experiences on the job. Danon: Coming from Israeli politics, I thought it would be more relaxed here in the UN but actually that’s not the case.
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Synagogues and Fashionistas

New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017
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Aspiring to inspire

At the one year anniversary of the Global Goals, Israel emerges as a leader in Development. But there’s work to be done at home.
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The Picture of Happiness

What’s written on the chalkboards of “My Piece of Happiness” are as diverse as the people holding them, but each holds a clue as to what makes us all tick. Call it a sense of peace, fulfillment, satisfaction, or meaning, it’s a return to our earliest ideals, the things we valued in childhood and might have lost along the way.
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A Little Closure on an Unspeakable Tragedy
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The Final Peace

Unlikely art exhibit draws world attention to fallen Israeli soldiers held by Hamas. Leah Goldin still speaks of her twin sons in plural even though one of them, Lt. Hadar Goldin, was killed in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge two summers ago. “They were only 15 years old during our sabbatical year in Cambridge,” explains Mrs.
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The Timeless Magic of Tu B'Av

The magic of Tu B'Av enchants a new generation
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Everyone Deserves a Piece of Happiness

What’s a 21st century Pursuer of Happiness to do? We’re perpetually navigating a blitz of offers to supply whatever we’re lacking that would make us happy. And not just stuff – we’re blitzed by offers to look thinner, feel healthier, grow more hair, have more satisfying relationships. If that weren’t confusing (not to mention disheartening) enough, the blitz appears blissfully undeterred by the general lack of consensus over the definition of happiness. But not to worry, because all those things can also cure unhappiness (broadly defined as the opposite of happiness). So What exactly are we looking for, and where are we supposed to find it? Two intrepid Tel Aviv photographers are delving into that very mystery in a ground-breaking project, appropriately titled “My Piece of Happiness.”
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Ambassador Roet Torpedoes OIC Scheme to Legitimize Terrorism in UN Counter-Terrorism Document

(UNHQ, New York, July 1, 2016) The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), attempted to introduce language condoning terrorism under certain conditions into a draft of a UN Counter-Terrorism Resolution. The official document is expected to be finalized on Tuesday when the General Assembly concludes a bi-annual Review of its UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.
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MK Ayman Odeh Slammed by Danny Danon over Request to UN via Palestinian Authority

In a letter to Knesset speaker Yuli Edelstien, Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon accused Knesset Member Ayman Odeh of “crossing a red line”. The allegation followed a letter by Odeh, Chairman of the Joint List faction, to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon calling for an investigation into land disputes in the Negev.
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Comprehensive Anti-BDS Campaign Launched at UN

Over 1500 Anti-BDS activists bridged political, geographic, religious and generational divides to pack the UN General Assembly Hall for an anti-BDS summit hosted on Tuesday by Israel’s Mission to the UN. The event kicked off a larger initiative aimed at consolidating efforts to contend with the Boycott Divestment and Sanct
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When Terrorism becomes Heroism

The Israeli ambassador’s startling departure from the scheduled script came several minutes into his speech where, after accusing Palestinian leadership of rewarding terrorist families with monthly salaries and holding up notorious killers as role models, he introduced a young red headed girl sitting quietly behind him.
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Stephanie Granot

Stephanie is a Freelance Journalist and UN Correspondent with a focus on events in the Middle East, and a Magazine Features Writer on a variety of topics.
She's a regular contributor to The Jerusalem Post and The Jewish Press. Stephanie is mom to Daniel, Adam, Dean and Anna and divides her time between New York and Tel Aviv.