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Highlight of the Week: Netanyahu Delivers the Message Loud and Clear at the UN

The Prime Minister wasted no time in getting down to business and reminded the GA, within moments of ascending the podium, that when he’d stood there three years ago only Israel, out of all 200 countries represented, was opposed to the nuclear deal with Iran. “We opposed it because it threatened our future, our very survival,” said Netanyahu, reiterating Israel’s conviction that lifting the sanctions would only hasten Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons.
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Exclusive to Jewish Press: Danon Shares his Thoughts on Trump’s Speech and #No2Antisemitism

(UN HEADQUARTERS, NYC) It was without a doubt the main attraction on Tuesday, opening day of the General Debate – the annual event where hundreds of dignitaries and Heads-of-State convene at the UN General Assembly to discuss global issues. Even the most blasé New Yorkers, normally unimpressed by the pesky motorcades, barricades, Swat Teams, Secret Service, and rooftop snipers that clog their city each September, tuned in to hear what US President Donald Trump had to say.
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Disability and Ability At the UN

New York, June 19, 2018 – An art exhibition featuring the paintings of Israeli children and adults with disabilities opened on Tuesday at the South Wall of United Nations Headquarters in New York. “We spoke a lot today about disability,” Danon in his opening remarks, “but what we see here is ability.
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Global Impact through Innovation: Israel at 70

Over 500 people, diplomats and Jewish community leaders from across North America, came together Wednesday evening to celebrate 70 years of Israeli innovation at United Nations Headquarters in New York. The event, titled “Israel at 70: Global Impact through Innovation” was co-hosted by Israel’s Minister of Economy and Industry, Eli Cohen, and Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon.
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Aspiring to inspire

At the one year anniversary of the Global Goals, Israel emerges as a leader in Development. But there’s work to be done at home.
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Global Girl Power

Emotions run high at the 59th U.N. Commission on the Status on Women
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Defending The ‘Fourth Front’

A year and a half ago his appointment as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations made headlines around the world. This week Danny Danon sat down with The Jewish Press to talk about his experiences on the job. Danon: Coming from Israeli politics, I thought it would be more relaxed here in the UN but actually that’s not the case.
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A Little Closure on an Unspeakable Tragedy
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The Picture of Happiness

What’s written on the chalkboards of “My Piece of Happiness” are as diverse as the people holding them, but each holds a clue as to what makes us all tick. Call it a sense of peace, fulfillment, satisfaction, or meaning, it’s a return to our earliest ideals, the things we valued in childhood and might have lost along the way.
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The Other U.N.

At the UNGA Sustainable Development Summit A skeptic finds new meaning in an old saying: It’s not what’s on the table that matters, It’s who’s on the chairs
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The Unlikeliest Storyteller

The first time he mentioned that his sister-in-law writes a blog on Terezin it didn't register with me. "That's nice," I replied absently. He shrugged tattooed shoulders and turned a power saw on. April sunlight glinted off a big silver cross around his neck as he got back to building a deck in our yard. It's October and the tattooed builder with the silver cross, is back, fixing a leaky kitchen ceiling while I put away groceries. He tries again loudly from the top of the ladder. “My sister-in-law writes a blog about Terezin.” I look up. With his black skull t-shirt and motorcycle jacket, he looks more like a Hell’s Angels gang member than the family member of a Holocaust Chronicler. I'm pretty sure I'm hearing things. I try to form an appropriate response, but the only thing that comes out of my mouth is “What?” "I'll send it to you" he says and disappears into the ceiling.
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When Right Brings Might: Haley and Danon Wrench the UN Away From Israel Bashers

At Thursday’s United Nations Security Council meeting, United States Ambassador Nikki Haley honored her pledge to shift the focus of the Middle East conflict away from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Haley, who is rotating as UNSC president for the month of April, didn’t mince words when she steered the Council away from Israel and onto Iran’s support of terrorism.
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Stephanie Granot

Stephanie is a Freelance Journalist and UN Correspondent with a focus on events in the Middle East, and a Magazine Features Writer on a variety of topics.
She's a regular contributor to The Jerusalem Post and The Jewish Press. Stephanie is mom to Daniel, Adam, Dean and Anna and divides her time between New York and Tel Aviv.