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Stephanie Granot

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Global Girl Power

Emotions run high at the 59th U.N. Commission on the Status on Women
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A Little Closure on an Unspeakable Tragedy
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The Other U.N.

At the UNGA Sustainable Development Summit A skeptic finds new meaning in an old saying: It’s not what’s on the table that matters, It’s who’s on the chairs
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With 9 Oppressive Regimes Set to Sweep UNHRC Seats, While 2 Ordinary Guys Fight the Good Fight

(New York) Other than the fact that one is named Thor, there’s nothing obvious about the two young men to suggest they’re superheroes. Both are average height, conservatively dressed, one wears glasses, and neither is faster than a speeding bullet. But in their latest adventure Tuesday, UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer and Human Rights Foundation’s Thor Halvorssen revealed, yet again, their true identities: global defenders of Truth, Justice and the-way-things-are-supposed-to-be.
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Everyone Deserves a Piece of Happiness

What’s a 21st century Pursuer of Happiness to do? We’re perpetually navigating a blitz of offers to supply whatever we’re lacking that would make us happy. And not just stuff – we’re blitzed by offers to look thinner, feel healthier, grow more hair, have more satisfying relationships. If that weren’t confusing (not to mention disheartening) enough, the blitz appears blissfully undeterred by the general lack of consensus over the definition of happiness. But not to worry, because all those things can also cure unhappiness (broadly defined as the opposite of happiness). So What exactly are we looking for, and where are we supposed to find it? Two intrepid Tel Aviv photographers are delving into that very mystery in a ground-breaking project, appropriately titled “My Piece of Happiness.”
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In Jerusalem, a Show of Unity at a Time of Crisis

400 Ambassadors and Military Attaches, nearly Israel's entire diplomatic community, gathered at the Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria for the Fourth Annual Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference. The impeccably dressed men and women didn’t look like they belonged in Israel. They strolled in promptly at 8am and quietly sipped tea or coffee while chatting politely in languages like Danish and Nepalese But in fact, not only do they belong here, they are some of Israel’s most distinguished residents, albeit temporarily.
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In France, Business (Almost) As Usual

Despite November’s attacks and renewed reports of anti-Semitism, an Israeli couple sets out to experience the Riviera - and gets a little more experience than they bargained for.
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Its all about Accessibility

In light of their country's general lack of popularity around United Nations Headquarters, the loud applause following two events hosted earlier this week by Israel'si delegation to the UN Commission for Rights of People with Disabilities was all the more testament to their progress in the field.
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Boldly Going Where No Israeli Has Gone Before

Israel’s SpaceIL enters Google Lunar XPrize Competition and attempts to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon, a senior MFA official tells UN. “No one has territorial claims in space. It belongs to us all,” Benjamin Krasna, Bureau Head for Asian and Economic Affairs at Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the U.N.
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No More Excuses

New Israeli UN Ambassador Danny Danon politely tells the UN that what they need is an attitude adjustment. Israel’s brand new Ambassador to the United Nations came out swinging when he made his first ever speech to the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Thursday at a session entitled “The Situation in the Middle East and the Palestinian Question”.
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Five Minutes with Yardena Meller-Horovitz

JPost Magazine sits down with the first woman to become Secretary-General of the Knesset
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Diplomats, officials at UN enjoy kosher meal they can’t see

Israel is both seen and heard at 8th Annual UN Commission for the Rights of People with Disabilities. NEW YORK – Thirty diplomats and UN officials from around the world accepted Israel’s invitation to dinner last Wednesday night. The ambassadors enjoyed a champagne reception as the Israeli delegation warmly welcomed their guests and promptly proceeded to blindfold them.
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Stephanie Granot

Stephanie is a Freelance Journalist and UN Correspondent with a focus on events in the Middle East, and a Magazine Features Writer on a variety of topics.
She's a regular contributor to The Jerusalem Post and The Jewish Press. Stephanie is mom to Daniel, Adam, Dean and Anna and divides her time between New York and Tel Aviv.